What's the point?

This section is meant to help you if you have questions related to the application or the website. If you need more help don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be glad to help you. 

We’re available on Facebook and Twitter for live messaging or by the contact form on this website.

Social Diese is a network that allows you to share every online profiles you own without having to share every links one by one. You can add more that 30 networks in your SD’s profile section. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you think a website should be added.

An S-Tag uses the NFC technology. This technology is used by your credit card for example to pay without contact. To make it simple it allows you to share data by simply putting it near your phone. It can be of any forms: ring, card… the only limit is your imagination.

If you want to share your profile using NFC technology, yes they’re. You can still write your profile’s URL on an NFC tag but it’ll not be as smooth as an official S-TAG.

As explained before, a tag must be scanned with your phone to be used. So open the SocialDiese app, go to the scan menu, tap the “Nfc scan” button and then your phone will ask you to approach the S-Tag. 

The Social Diese ID (SID) is your unique user ID on Social Diese. It must be unique on the whole application and only you can own it. It’s like the ‘@’ on Twitter or Instagram.

You have multiple ways to share you SocialDiese profile with people. You can simply share your profile address (URL) or give the person your SocialDiese ID (SID). You can also let him/her scan your tag or QrCode! Once done, the person will be redirected on your profile and will be abble to access all your networks.

Using SocialDiese is like glaces, “you’ll know when you need it”. It’s not mandatory, it’s just a tool that aims for ecology and simplicity by reducing visit cards and make your life simplier.